CTS Faculty Response to Oklahoma Disaster

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (CTS)—It seems that each day brings more news of tragedy, sometimes through human hands and other times from natural disasters. It is understandable that in these times we have difficult questions. We wonder what we can do to care for those who are suffering, how we can best share the hope of Christ in times of pain and we ponder anew the question of why we suffer at all. While there are no simple answers, we are not alone; there is hope in the cross of Christ. In these uncertain times, and especially in the light of the recent tornado in Oklahoma, two members of the Concordia Theological Seminary faculty offer words of comfort and peace.

Dr. John Reynolds, assistant professor of Pastoral Ministry and Missions at CTS, reminds us that the things of this earth are fleeting and we must look to Christ, the one thing needful, to find comfort for ourselves and those around us. Dr. David Scaer, professor and chairman of Systematic Theology at CTS, points out that tragedies, massive or small, give us an opportunity to assess our lives and realize we are all accountable to God who controls all things according to His will. These are not occasions to conclude that God is condemning those who are suffering from the tragedies as greater sinners than those who are spared. Both responses can be read and downloaded at www.ctsfw.edu/Oklahoma-Response-May-2013.

To learn more about the relief efforts being offered by The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod and how you can help, go to www.lcms.org/disaster.