Continuing Ed Opportunities
Across the United States

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (CTS)—Professional church workers by their nature are always giving their time and efforts to care for the members of their congregation. They, in turn, need some time to rest and rejuvenate. One of the best ways to do this is by participating in the Continuing Education opportunities offered by Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, Ind. A complete schedule of sites and online registration can be found at Be sure to check the website often as updates are added throughout the year. Information is also available by emailing or calling 260-452-2103.

Topics for 2013 range from “Luther's Theology in Today's World” to “Struggling in the Cause of Allah: An Overview of the Muslim Worldview,” in locations from Seattle, Wash., to Charleston, S.C. All of the topics, taught by seminary professors and adjunct faculty, will offer fresh insight into many situations faced by today’s church worker. Laypeople interested in expanding their horizons are also encouraged to enroll in these classes.

Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, Indiana
Continuing Education Opportunities 2013

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May 29–31, 2013

St. Cloud, Minn.

Redeemer Lutheran Church
2719 3rd St. North
Dr. Dean Wenthe
1 Peter

June 3–5, 2013

Jackson Hole, Wyo.

Redeemer Lutheran Church
175 N. Willow St.
Dr. Adam Francisco
“Why Should I Believe You?” Christian Apologetics for Today

June 4–6, 2013

Austin, Texas

St. Paul Lutheran Church
3501 Red River St.
Prof. John Pless
Toward a Pastoral Theology of Suffering: Responding to the “Why” Questions

June 5–7, 2013

Castle Rock, Colo.

Mt. Zion Lutheran Church
750 Cantril St.
Dr. Charles Gieschen
The Presence of the Son Before Christ

June 10–12, 2013

Concordia, Mo.

Saint Paul Lutheran High School
Leadership Training Center
205 S. Main St.
Dr. K. Detlev Schulz
Worldviews and Religions

June 10–14, 2013

Cheyenne, Wyo.

King of Glory Lutheran Church
8806 Yellowstone Rd.
Dr. James Bushur
Christianity in Conflict: 2nd Century Faith as a Model for the 21st Century Church

June 17–21, 2013

Grand Rapids, Mich.

Our Savior Lutheran Church
2900 Burton St.
Prof. John Pless
Confessing Christ in Crisis: Lessons from Hermann Sasse

June 24–26, 2013

Grand Junction, Colo.

Messiah Lutheran Church
840 N. 11th St.
Dr. Adam Francisco
“Why Should I Believe You?”: Christian Apologetics for Today

June 24–26, 2013

Sioux Falls, S.D.

The Luther House of Study
Sioux Falls Seminary
2100 S. Summit Ave.
Prof. John Pless
Luther as Pastoral Theologian

June 24–28, 2013

Seattle, Wash.

Messiah Lutheran Church
7050 35th Avenue NE
Dr. Peter Scaer
The Synoptic Gospels

July 1–3, 2013

Fort Wayne, Ind.

Concordia Theological Seminary
6600 N. Clinton St.
Dr. Adam Francisco
“Struggling in the Cause of Allah”: An Overview of the Muslim Worldview

July 8–10, 2013

Nashville, Tenn.

Redeemer Lutheran
800 Bellevue Rd.
Prof. John Pless
Hermann Sasse as Pastoral Theologian

July 15–19, 2013

Paris, Texas

Grace Lutheran Church
739 19th Street SE
Dr. Cameron MacKenzie
Luther’s Theology in Today’s World

July 29–August 2, 2013

Albuquerque, N.M.

Grace Lutheran Church
7550 Burbank Blvd. NE
Dr. Lawrence Rast Jr.
History of Seminex

August 5–7, 2013

Mechanicsburg, Pa.

Calvary Lutheran Church
208 Woods Dr.
Dr. James Bushur
Christianity in Conflict: 2nd Century Faith as a Model for the 21st Century Church

August 5–7, 2013

Charleston, S.C.

Calvary Lutheran
1400 Manor Blvd.
Dr. K. Detlev Schulz
The Doctrine of Church and Fellowship

August 5–9, 2013

Flathead Lake, Mont.

Trinity Lutheran Camp
(on the shores of Flathead Lake, near Bigfork, Montana)
Prof. Roland Ziegler
Faith and Reason

November 18–20, 2013

West Bend, Wisc.

Pilgrim Lutheran Church
462 Meadowbrook Dr.
Dr. David Scaer
Baptism and the Lord’s Supper