Church Interpreter Training Institute (CITI)


CITI is open to participants from all denominations who confess the Holy Trinity. As it is a program designed for interpreters in Christian churches, we ask that you read the Statement of Faith included with the application form and designate your agreement. Please complete the Statement of Faith Form attached to the Application and Medical Forms.

It is required that each student shall have successfully completed a Beginning Sign Language course and be 18 years of age prior to the beginning of the program.

Emergency Notification:

In the event of an emergency, it is VERY IMPORTANT for us to have your completed Medical Form. No information from this form, except in the case of an actual emergency, will be made available to anyone other than pertinent CITI staff.


All applications must be in our office by June 1st. Please complete and submit the following:


Please make all payments by check or money order to:
Concordia Theological Seminary and note in Memo: CITI 2014.

All payments for registration and/or fees should be mailed to:
CITI 2014
Concordia Theological Seminary
6600 North Clinton St.
Fort Wayne, IN  46845


Registration and room assignments will take place at the Lutheran Ministries Media building on Concordia Theological Seminary's campus, Sunday, June 15, 2014, 3:00 - 4:00 pm.  (Follow CITI signs)