THE CHURCH needs committed preachers of the Word, deaconesses to stand alongside pastors who engage in acts of mercy, and faithful and well-informed lay leaders to guide the congregations of our Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod and its partners in mission around the world. That is what Concordia Theological Seminary is about, namely, we exist to form servants in Jesus Christ who teach the faithful, reach the lost, and care for all.

We are particularly convinced that the experience of residential study, the God-given opportunity of “being there,” is key to the formation of pastoral and diaconal servants who:

  • Know the Bible and the Lutheran Confessions and have a deep appreciation for the church and its manifestations throughout history.
  • Commit themselves to live lives faithful to the Scriptures, the witness of the early church (as expressed in the three ecumenical creeds), and the Lutheran Confessions.
  • Catechize the people of God so that they are able to testify to the hope that is within them.
  • Engage the world as God’s own creation with attention to the cultural questions of the contemporary context from the perspective of the Lutheran confession of the biblical witness.
  • Reach out with the Gospel with theological integrity and passion for those who do not know Christ.
  • Encourage the people of God to support missions at home and abroad.
  • Embody Christ in their service by valuing all human life as a gift from God, from conception to natural death.
  • Practice spiritual, physical, emotional, and collegial care for themselves and those around them.
  • Practice a life of prayer and devotion toward God and a life of love and mercy toward their neighbor.

Concordia Theological Seminary has carried out this mission faithfully and well for 168 years. Our circumstances are different from those of our founders, and no doubt change will continue. Still God is our refuge, our strength, and our hope for the future. We look forward to our ongoing partnership in forming servants for years to come.

Your seminary has the privilege of forming servants in Jesus Christ. You are vital in this mission. Your generous gifts make it possible to continue Concordia Theological Seminary’s mission of forming servants to serve God’s people with the Gospel in word and deed. Join with the seminary community in prayer and thanksgiving for the grace and goodness of our Lord who sends His servants to a dying world with the Word of Life.

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