Information Technology

Printing Services

Public printing is available in Walther Library (behind the circulation desk).  The public computers in the library are configured to print to this location.

Laptop users configured for internal network access can connect to either the Walther Library printer OR the Office of Information Technology printer.  Contact the IT office for assistance in setting this up, or request it when you have your computer setup for network access.

Photo Copying

Photocopiers are available for use in the Library and in the Print Shop for a small fee.  The Print Shop is located across the hall from the Post office in Loehe Hall.

Public Fax Machine

The Office of Information Technology and the Library both offer fax services.  Sending a fax is free, unless the call is long distance (normal printing fee applies to long distance).  You can also receive faxes for a small fee.

Printing/Copying/Fax Costs

Costs for printing without the use of a Copy Card is 10 cents per page, per side of page (subject to change).  Copy Cards can be purchased from the Cashier's window and provide a 30% discount over paying cash.  *Be sure to have your Copy Card with you when you pick up your prints.*