Noted Scholars to Present at 2013 Symposia Series

FORT WAYNE, IN (CTS)—January will usher in a new year as well as Symposia Series 2013 at Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, Ind. The annual series takes place January 22–25. A Lenten preaching workshop, led by Dr. Naomichi Masaki, will precede the symposia on Monday, January 21. For schedule, speaker biographies, online registration and info on the Livestream video option, go to

The theme for the 28th annual Exegetical Theology Symposium, January 22–23, is “Love and Marriage: Does the Bible Still Mean What It Says?” Presenters and topics include:

  • Dr. Robert Gagnon, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, “Why Attempts to Make the Bible Supportive of Homosexual Practice Don’t Work: A Look at Recent Scholarship”;
  • Dr. Charles Gieschen, CTS, “The Value of Children According to the Gospels”;
  • Dr. Arthur Just Jr., CTS, “Galatians 3:28: Unity in Christ’s New Creation Family”;
  • Dr. John Nordling, CTS, “Does Ephesians 5:21 Support Mutual Submission?”;
  • Prof. Jeffrey Pulse, CTS, “The Relationship Between God and Man: A Divine Object Lesson”;
  • Dr. Dean Wenthe, CTS, “Theology of the Body in the Old Testament”

The 36th annual Symposium on the Lutheran Confessions has chosen “Morality and Ethics in the Church and in the Public Square: The Lutheran Challenge” as its theme and will take place January 23–25, under the sponsorship of the Department of Systematic Theology. Presenters and topics include:

  • Dr. Paul Grime, CTS, “Liturgical Re-Adjustments: Off Ramp to Apostasy?”;
  • Dr. Gifford Grobien, CTS, “Marriage and So-called Civil Unions: Biblical and Natural Law Arguments”;
  • Mr. William Hecht, Hecht Spencer & Associates, Washington D.C., “Christian Challenge in the Public Square: A Lutheran Voice”;
  • Dr. Mark Menacher, St. Luke’s Lutheran Church, La Mesa, Calif., “The ELCA: Quo Vadis?”;
  • Dr. Lawrence Rast Jr., CTS, “Ethics as Part of a Seminary Curriculum”;
  • Dr. David Scaer, CTS, “Abortion, Incarnation and the Place of Children in the Church: All One Cloth a Common Basis”;
  • Dr. Peter Scaer, CTS, “Lutheran Support for Pro-Life: A Case of Faith Without Works?”;
  • Rev. Peter Speckhard, Faith Lutheran Church, Green Bay, Wisc., “The Church’s Place in the Public Square: Can the Shoes of Richard John Neuhaus Be Filled?”
  • Dr. Brent Waters, Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary, Evanston, Ill.,“Man Reconstructed: Humanity Beyond Biology”;
  • Dr. J. Larry Yoder, Lenoir-Rhyne University, “The NALC as Alternative to the ELCA”;
  • Prof. Roland Ziegler, CTS, “Defining Humanity in the Lutheran Confessions and in Post-Reformation Lutheran Theology”

Also of note, Dr. Jean Garton, first president of Lutherans for Life and author of Who Broke the Baby, will be the keynote speaker for the Thursday, January 24 banquet.