Billing Statements and Refunds


Billing Statements

All billing statements will be available on the Student Portal, usually within the first week of the quarter or summer session. Students who fail to pay their bills by the due date indicated in the current catalog and academic calendar will be charged a late payment fee of $150. Bills for any given quarter, including summer, must be paid in full before students can attend classes the following quarter.

For the full  Bill Payment Policy, click here.

Fee Payment Due Dates 2014/15:

Fall Quarter (10 weeks) September 26, 2014
Winter Quarter (10 weeks) December 19, 2014
Spring Quarter (10 weeks) April 2, 2015
Summer Deaconess Session (1 week) May 26, 2015
Summer Session I (1 week) June 5, 2015
Summer Session II (3½ weeks) June 26, 2015
Summer Session III (3½ weeks) July 24, 2015
Summer Greek (10 weeks) June 26, 2015

*Payment due (tuition, Fees, etc.) on first day of class for intensive sessions.


If students withdraw from a course, they are entitled to a refund of the educational fee (tuition) according to the Refund Schedule as outlined in the Academic Catalog with specific withdrawal dates listed on the Academic Calendar.

Students who receive Financial Aid should refer to the Return of Financial Aid Funds Policy for Students who withdraw from the Seminary when withdrawing from courses or from the seminary.

Only those students who move off campus or withdraw from school during a quarter or summer session will receive a refund on room and board.

Students on vicarage who resign, withdraw from, or terminate the vicarage within four weeks of the commencing date of assignment are entitled to a full refund of the Vicarage Fee. No refund will be made if the student withdraws after four weeks.

Refund for withdrawal for a veteran receiving veterans educational benefits must also conform to the regulations of the DVA.